Tuesday, September 10, 2013

ACH vs Kyle Oreilly!!!!

Todays update is a match that has been making its rounds in the independent circuit and getting rave reviews.  I was lucky enough to catch these two in Berwyn, IL for AAW last month and the match is fantastic live as it looks on paper.

I won't waste a lot of space writing about this match because lets face it,  if you're an indie wrestling fan, you know who these two guys are and you know putting the two of them in a ring together is going to be nothing but magic.  They work flawlessly together and really tell a hell of a story.  This match is worth the acclaim its getting, so if you can see it anywhere (especially live)  take that opportunity.  This is a prime example of why the future of pro wrestling is so incredibly bright and exciting.

As always, photos from the full event can be seen HERE.

And thanks again for stopping by and taking a look.