Tuesday, December 31, 2013


AAW returned last weekend with a stacked card featuring some of the biggest names in independent wrestling.  I won't even get into this match by match, but every match on this show was great.  One Twisted Christmas had something for every kind of wrestling fan:  an inter gender fans bring the weapons match, a 3 way tag team elimination contest, brawls, comedy, and just all around amazing pro wrestling.  Check out this dvd or VOD when it comes out, AAW is really picking up speed and gaining a lot of national attention as they continue to pack the Berwyn Eagles and delivering fantastic shows every month.  Davy Richards, Kevin Steen, Michael Elgin, Colt Cabana, Jimmy Jacobs, Silas Young, Eddie Kingston, Zero Gravity, Shane Hollister, Ethan Page, Matt Cage, and tons more all have great matches on this card:

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Monday, December 2, 2013


On Saturday evening (11/30/13) AAW put on its biggest show of the year at Berwyn Eagles, and Windy City Classic IX lived up to its hype.  The show was headlined by indie wrestling mega star "Mr Wrestling" Kevin Steen challenging dominant champion Shane Hollister for his strap in Steen's debut match for AAW.  Hollister proved to Steen the buzz surrounding "The New World Man" is legit, in a fantastic match between the two.
The whole rest of the card was stacked as well, featuring an incredibly exciting conclusion to the Allegiance Tag Tournament, along with ACH vs Matt Cage for the Heritage Championship, and tons more.  All in all another fantastic showing from Chicago's breakout promotion, it should be interesting to see what unfolds as the dust settles at One Twisted Christmas in late December.

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Monday, November 18, 2013


So, I'm going to try a little different format for this blog.  Instead of posting multiple photos from single matches, each post will now be a few shots from a single event with a link back to the entire set.  I'm going to try and do this immediately after each show so the photos will be fresh.  I've also been awful at updating (as I am with blogs), so hopefully this will keep me doing it.

On that note, here's AAW's most recent show, WAR IS COMING.

Things in AAW are heating up, with the Allegiance Tag Tournament winding down and leaving some awesome semifinal and a high potential for an amazing final match.  Every team has a clear path as to why they need to win, so the outcome should be incredibly exciting to watch unfold at Windy City Classic later this month.  The heavyweight championship picture is also picking up steam as difficult challengers seem to be stacking up in front of "The New World Man" Shane Hollister.  It should be interesting to see what obstacles the champ can avoid and how long he manage to keep the belt on his waist, especially throwing Kevin Steen into the mix as his next opponent. Not to mention the turmoil escalating between Eddie Kingston and Silas Young, "Money" Matt Cage turning some heads, Keith Walker on the warpath, and so much more.

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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

ACH vs Kyle Oreilly!!!!

Todays update is a match that has been making its rounds in the independent circuit and getting rave reviews.  I was lucky enough to catch these two in Berwyn, IL for AAW last month and the match is fantastic live as it looks on paper.

I won't waste a lot of space writing about this match because lets face it,  if you're an indie wrestling fan, you know who these two guys are and you know putting the two of them in a ring together is going to be nothing but magic.  They work flawlessly together and really tell a hell of a story.  This match is worth the acclaim its getting, so if you can see it anywhere (especially live)  take that opportunity.  This is a prime example of why the future of pro wrestling is so incredibly bright and exciting.

As always, photos from the full event can be seen HERE.

And thanks again for stopping by and taking a look.

Monday, August 19, 2013

SCW: 10 Year Anniversary. Triple threat match under RAVENS RULES.

Last friday I was fortunate enough to shoot the 10th anniversary show for the Quad Cities promotion SCW.  These guys were a lot of fun to shoot for and really put on a hell of a show with some top midwest indie talent.

The match on the blog this week is the main event from this show featuring Matt Cage vs. Shane Hollister vs. Christian Rose for the SCW Heavyweight champion ship, all contested under Raven's Rules with Raven as the special guest enforcer.  While the leader of the Flocks presence was known, he took a step back and let all the young talent shine in this brutal affair.  All three of these wrestlers are destined to be major players in the future so keep an eye on them all.

To check out the rest of the SCW 10 year anniversary show click HERE

On a quick note, if anyone is keeping up with the blog (or trying to) sorry about the lack of updates, I'm currently working on a lot personal projects and haven't had the time to post.  I'm going to try my best to stay on it, as I'll be shooting some really cool wrestling things in the near future