Tuesday, December 31, 2013


AAW returned last weekend with a stacked card featuring some of the biggest names in independent wrestling.  I won't even get into this match by match, but every match on this show was great.  One Twisted Christmas had something for every kind of wrestling fan:  an inter gender fans bring the weapons match, a 3 way tag team elimination contest, brawls, comedy, and just all around amazing pro wrestling.  Check out this dvd or VOD when it comes out, AAW is really picking up speed and gaining a lot of national attention as they continue to pack the Berwyn Eagles and delivering fantastic shows every month.  Davy Richards, Kevin Steen, Michael Elgin, Colt Cabana, Jimmy Jacobs, Silas Young, Eddie Kingston, Zero Gravity, Shane Hollister, Ethan Page, Matt Cage, and tons more all have great matches on this card:

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