Monday, June 10, 2013

Archibald Peck challenges Eddie Kingston for the Chikara Grand Championship

Back with another THIS IS AWESOME! blog post featuring Chikara Action from Tag World Grand Prix in Chicago a few weeks ago.  

I was particularly excited for this match because I'm unashamed to say that Im a pretty huge fan of everything Archie.  This was probably my favorite match of the weekend (which says A LOT after that AAW show).  The story telling was just flawless and and a VERY pro-Archibald Peck crowd made this one pretty high drama at the end.  The ending of this one had the entire crowd in grips as Archie hit consecutive DDTs followed by no less than three spinning backfists to Kingston.  It looked like Peck had the Grand Championship well within reach until Kingston was able to hit Peck with a spinning backfist while Peck was attempting a springboard hit after being distracted by a SECOND ARCHIE IN THE BALCONY!! With the backfist the place goes black and Kingston stands alone in the ring.

I know this event just got put out by Smart Mark video, buy it and WATCH THIS MATCH.  Its great.

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