Monday, June 3, 2013

Chikara Tag World Grand Prix: The Colony VS Los Ice Creams

A few weeks ago I was also lucky enough to shoot Chikara's Tag World Grand Prix, while in Chicago.  Chikara put on an incredibly all ages show that had something for literally every kind of wrestling fan.  The crowd for this event was near perfect, with everyone having a great time and coming up with inventive chants. 

This weeks blog showcases the first round match up between The Colony and Los Ice Creams.  This match was a blast to watch from start to finish.  Los Ice Creams may be the wildest tag team I've seen yet, and their antics are pretty hilarious.  The Colony pulled out the win in the end.  Stay tuned for a LOT more Chikara events in the upcoming weeks.

I've also got a couple shows lined up in June, so look for more new content soon!

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